Call for Good Global Governance

Good global governance (GGG) is transparent, trustworthy and just. It is based on four pillars:

  •  Global Legislative Powers
  • Global Judicial Powers
  • Global Executive Powers
  • Effective Public Administration.

The United Nations System does not have all these elements yet; it is in need of substantial overhaul or regeneration before it can supply Good Global Governance. We believe that in today’s world Good Global Governance is not only meaningful and technically feasible, it has even become necessary. 

Historically the size of governed entities has increased from tribes to nations to regional unions. Today, communication and transportation technology make good governance on a global scale feasible. In fact, Good Global Governance has become a necessity since a war with nuclear weapons can lead to mutual assured destruction.  Therefore, we need a World Authority that can bring terrorists and war criminals to justice. Furthermore, Good Global Governance is needed for the protection of the global commons and for the solution of numerous related sustainability issues of global scope: climate change, resource scarcity, world population growth, poverty and hunger, terrorism, corruption of the banking system, to name a few.

The complexity of global issues requires a multi-level government system. Governance is needed for households, municipalities, sub-national units, nations, supra-national regions and for the whole World. According to the principle of subsidiarity each level solves its own problems with little interference from above. Nations should be internally sovereign. When well governed, they enjoy internal peace. While Good Global Governance is not a centralized ‘Big Brother’ control system, it offers world peace by limiting the external sovereignty of nations through enforcing world law.

Appeal: Support Raising Public Awareness of the Necessity of Good Global Governance.

We call on politicians, leaders of corporations, leaders of civil and religious societies, journalists, educators and all citizens to study and to support the idea of Good Global Governance as a means to solve in a civilized way the complex global problems facing humanity.

 If you like the idea of Good Global Governance, please send an email to For more information visit our website:

 We are looking forward to your comments. On behalf of the Working Group, with peace in mind,

Professor Helmut Burkhardt, Dipl. Phys., Dr. Rer. Nat.
Coordinator, Science for Peace Working Group on
Good Global Governance for a Just and Sustainable World
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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