How to Eliminate War and Ecocide

60 years ago the Russell-Einstein Manifesto presented the dreadful alternative caused by nuclear weapons to the world: “Shall we put an end to the human race; or shall mankind renounce war”? The Manifesto also hinted at the root cause of war: “The abolition of war will demand distasteful limitations of national sovereignty.” Today, humanity faces the additional existential threat of ecocide.

In order to put and end to war and ecocide we must remove the root causes, which contrary to wide spread public opinion, are not in human nature. It is human nature to want to survive and procreate life, not to make war and ecocide. The root cause of war and ecocide is the globally accepted but faulty political system, which is based on absolute sovereignty of nations. If war and ecocide are to be eliminated, all nations must abandon absolute sovereignty and enable a global authority with legislative, judicial and executive powers to solve global problems while the nations retain internal sovereignty. The global authority, a good transparent global government could be a World Federation or a thoroughly reformed United Nations.

Well governed countries have internal peace and protect their own environment. Likewise, a well governed world will have peace and a healthy environment. Peace and environmental protection are safer and less costly than war and ecosystem repair. We call for transparent, trustworthy, good global governance because it makes sense. The time has come to replace globally the law of force with the force of law.

Please endorse our call by submitting the completed form below and pass our call on to your friends and to organizations. If many endorse this idea, we shall approach politicians to take action in the direction towards a just and sustainable world.

Helmut Burkhardt, Coordinator
Science for Peace Working Group on
Good Global Governance for a Just and Sustainable World
Toronto, Ontario, Canada