COP21: Additional Agreement Proposed

On December 12, 2015 all heads of UN member states did sign the global climate change agreement. The normal insistence of nations on absolute sovereignty has softened by virtue of the signing of the climate change agreement. This partial subordination of national sovereignty to the common good raises hopes of achieving an additional agreement on the abolition of war.

The draft open letter below is a plea to all members of the United Nations to reinvigorate their peace effort by creating a similar global agreement for eliminating war. The open letter is to be sent to all Heads of State and distributed widely for drawing public attention to war as an issue of global politics as vital as climate change. Individuals, corporations, governments and non-governmental organizations who agree with it can add their signature on the website.  Here is the text published on the website indicated:

Open Letter to 195 Heads of State

The undersigned congratulate all heads of state on the Climate Change Agreement of December 12, 2015 in Paris. This is a historic event because you subordinated to some extent national sovereignty to the prevention of climate change for the sake of the common good. 

The undersigned propose to all heads of state a similar global agreement for international conflict resolution as a renewed commitment to the Charter of the United Nations. The existence of weapons of mass destruction make the replacement of war by the rule of law necessary for preventing the risk of mutually assured destruction.

On behalf of the Science for Peace Working Group on Good Global Governance for a Just and Sustainable World
Professor Helmut Burkhardt, Dipl. Phys., Dr. Rer. Nat.: Coordinator, .

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Definition of good global governance

Good global governance is a political order that promotes the welfare of all through  economic, social, demographic and ecological sustainability and justice. It is a people-centered global governance with the mandate of regulating global issues only without interfering in the internal affairs of nations.

Helmut Burkhardt
coordinator of the Science for Peace Working Group on Good Global Governance for a Just and Sustainable World. 2016-01-03