On National Security Systems

There are two ways to achieve national security.

In the war system security is based on the law of force. In this, the traditional security system, might makes right. Justice is not a primary concern. Right or wrong, my country is an accepted position. In the war system disarmament and abolition of nuclear weapons are contradictions as they weaken the military force.

In the peace system security is based on the force of law. Global justice is the primary concern. Conflicts between nations are solved in court. In the peace system disarmament and nuclear weapons abolition are natural.

Today, with the existence and proliferation of nuclear weapons the war system for national security is no longer meaningful. It is expensive and threatens mutually assured destruction. A rapid transition to the peace system of national security is urgent. People centered global governance is needed for the transition to law based security of nations.

.Helmut Burkhardt
Toronto, 16-06-14