The Two-prong Approach to Effect Desired Change

Helmut Burkhardt, 2917-02-20

Bill Moyer’s grassroots Movement Action Plan (MAP) [1] is necessary, but not sufficient to effect speedy social or political change.
I recommend a two-prong approach as a method to effect desired change. The first prong is spontaneous or planned Grass root action, The second prong is an appeal to power holders at the very top. This may appear to be a vain effort, as the interests of the public and of the elite that puylls the strings of power are quite different in the daily economic struggle. However, when it comes to existential threats like avoiding nuclear war or climate change, the interest of the power holders and of the public ultimately is the same. Therefore, and appeal to the reason at the top and at the grassroots level of every nation may have a chance to effect desired change in the global political system in time to prevent disaster. Using the force of law instead of using the law of force is the desirable change in International relations.



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