Individuals endorsing the idea of good global governance
all (email) addresses known to web manager.

Helmut Burkhardt Canada
Julia Morton-Marr Canada
Adnan Zuberi Canada
Don Chisholm Canada
Tom Simunovic Canada
Eryl Court Canada
Ruben Nelson Canada
John Salvendy Canada
Brydon Gombay  Canada
Gwen Rapoport Canada
Walter Dorn Canada
Steve Kurtz USA
David Beverstein Canada
Peter Venton Canada
Renate Burkhardt Canada
Derek Paul Canada
einz Nitschke Canada
Eva Kushner Canada
Karin Klinghammer Germany
Floyd Rudmin Norway
Janis Alton Canada
Douglas Alton Canada
Jackie Robinson Canada
Joseph de Rivera USA
Rob Acheson Canada
Judy Deutsch Canada
Douglas Roche Canada
Andreas Kohl Canada
Charlotte Sheasby-Coleman CANADA
Peter Ulrich Kohl Canada
Bernhard Klinghammer Germany 
Katherine Palmer Canada
Eleonore Mayer Germany
Martin Neuland Canada
Christian J. Klein Canada
Luis Gutierrez  USA
Johann Burkhardt Canada
Scotty Bruer USA Website:
Christopher Smith Canada
Marjorie Stewart Canada
Albert Stewart Canada
Dyane Brown Canada
Frank Lemke Germany
H. Peter Langille Canada Website:
Hermann Unger Germany
Horst Rieger Germany
Harry Ha Canada
Anna USA
Chandler Davis Canada  
Phyllis Creighton, Canada
Dagmar Wanke, Canada, ***Comment: Let’s use our intelligence to choose peace and cooperation and begin to create a world we want to live in. …. Let’s surprise ourselves with how quickly we can make this happen with the amazing creativity we are capable of!
John Bunzl, UK
David Swanson, USA
Alice Slater, USA


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